Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our First Thanksgiving at Home

Today is the last day of November! You know what that means… 26 days till Christmas!

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving… well I must say Thanksgiving(S) as in more that one lol.. We celebrated as we always do with my Monmon and her side of the family from El Reno, it was so quiet this year as we only had 11 people there this year, Garrett, Michelle and Noah spent the day with Michelle’s side. Aunt Donna and Uncle Randy moved to Cali earlier this year and spent their holidays with my Aunt Lala, Uncle Mark and J.D. and Alex. Uncle Tim and Aunt Jayln spent the holiday with her mom so Kristen, Craig, Steph, Josh and Mackensie were also MIA lol but even with everyone in other places we still had a great time and continued to be thankful for our giant family! Next year we will go to Aunt Nancy’s and everyone will be there!

This year I helped MonMon get ready for the big day, it wasn’t really an option because I took on the important task of having our very own Thanksgiving dinner on Friday.. She and my Mom took great joy in watching me gag my way through it! Lol I think at one point my Mom was literally on the floor laughing HYSTERACLLY!! But seriously who knew you had to pull out a neck and a bag of nonsense out of the turkey’s “cavity”. I guess I should have been paying more attention all those years instead of playing with the cousins!! LOL..  That night I also took a whack at making a pie.. a Chocolate pie! I was pretty pleased with myself!

As always MonMon played a great host to the family and everything went so well! I always love seeing everyone and getting a chance to catch up, I especially love to hear stories about my great aunt, uncle and Monmon when they were little. 

Garrett and Michelle came in a little early and got to see everyone before they left! Aunt Nancy was happy to see Noah, she hadn't met him yet!

                                                 Noah was so happy he did a handstand!!
                                            It looked like so much fun, Uncle Peter joined in!
                                                  Garrett, Michelle, Noah, Peter and me

                              My favorite boy and I.. He's gonna be my little helper tomorrow!

Mickey ALWAYS has to work on Thanksgiving so I decided if his schedule couldn’t revolve around my holiday then we will make the holiday revolve around his schedule! After all this is our first Thanksgiving in our new home! I invited family and friends who are my family! I was so happy mostly everyone could come! We had lots and LOTS.. of food!

                                                               Step 1: Cut open bag
                                         Step 2: GAG while Pulling out nasty disgusting NECK!
                                            Step 3: let everyone see nasty pre cooked turkey
                                  Step 4: find cheap help.. he works for cheeto puffs and green beans!
                              Step 5: tell little helpster the Turkey takes 4 hours to cook! (he's shocked!)
          My little helper is ready to chow down.. look he's already started with the pre course.. cheeto puffs!

                                                                        The layout!
                                                                Pies EVERYWHERE!

                                                                      I'm so Thankful!
                                                                 Tables pre dinner!
                                                    Me and the dinner.. my first dinner that is!
                                                            My chocolate cake! YUM
                                                            LOL... he's a happy boy!
                                                         Bradley came by to see us!
Everything went so well, I'm now planning Christmas dinner!
We ended the weekend with a little Christmas shopping before Garrett and Michelle and Noah headed out of town. We will spend the next 2 weekends with them in Branson and Nevada. I can't wait.. for Christmas!!


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