Saturday, November 20, 2010

Let's play catch up :)

Happy Holidays everyone!

Yeah I know most people don't like to say that till after Thanksgiving lol but if you know me you know I am a sucker for the holidays! I have been listening to Christmas music since July :) and YES.. my tree is up, decorated and lit! I have no shame about my love of all things Holidayish!

I have so very much to be thankful for this year. Mickey and I bought our first home and spent the summer remodeling the downstairs portion. It was a very trying and HOT.. summer and thanks to a few really GREAT friends and family we were able to get moved in by July 4th. Now that we are getting settled in we have begun work upstairs on our guest rooms and my craft room! I feel so sad without all my crafty things.. I can't wait to get them unpacked into their new home :)

Uploading all we have done would really take me all night. LOL so I thought I would upload one of my favorite rooms in the house! my library :) This is actually the week we moved in. I'll have to take some newer pics soon.
Mickey and I are LOVING.. our newest title of Aunt BeBe and Uncle Ippy to our favorite little man Noah! He is nine months old this month and just keeps getting cuter and cuter every day! We love him soooo MUCH! I am having so much fun buying toys this Christmas! I haven't done that in a long time :) and yes we are spoiling him rotten!! Did I mention Noah will be a big brother soon?.... YES YES, his baby brother or baby sister will be here sometime in May maybe we will share a birthday!! Like I said I have so many things to be thankful for this year! I guess I don't need to tell you we are already waiting anxiously :)


We have also added a new addition to our own little family.. No, not a baby yet lol. We got a new kitten for our Cat Darby. His little furry self is also half Persian just like Darby but he's alot.. fluffier and kinda dumb LOL.. I feel like I'm living with Pinky and the Brain! Darby is the evil genius and Emmitt is the one that follows her around wishing he was that evil too :D

As you can see we stay pretty busy around here! Between the house remodel and working I havn't left myself very much time to really put my business out there, it makes me sad because I LOVE making stuff and I know. After the first of the year I will really get it rolling! I did however do my very first wedding announcements this summer for a really great Couple Tim and Kristen :)
 Tim's mother painted this beautiful Lilly and scanned it so I could add it for their announcements, such a perfect and very personal touch! The cards where white with a pearly finish. I really enjoyed working with them. Thanks Guys!

I recently went on a road trip with Diane one of my very best friends and her kids, our "unofficial" niece and nephew lol Doodle and Shaney..We went to Alabama to see her family! I've never been to Alabama or Mississippi, or Tennessee so that was fun :) besides road trips have a tendency to bring out a whole new type of fun or insanity lol in a car for 10 hours oh yeah.. FUN STUFF lol lol
We had such a great time. I love love love the Blandamer Family they are like second family! You just wish you knew them lol

                           I love these girls! They are 2 of my bestest friends in the world!
                                                              The second Fam!

                                                                     Midge and I

Now It is November and Thanksgiving is upon us, I am cooking a Turkey for the first time in my WHOLE life! We invited all of our family and friends that we consider family to Thanksgiving dinner at our new house and I am cooking lol I'm just praying.. I don't drop the turkey on the floor like I do in my Thanksgiving nightmares I've been having HAHA.. I think it will be great, at least I invited people who would be fine just having mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing so that takes the stress away.. Thank Goodness for people who love us even when we have the tendency to be kind of klutzy..
Regardless of my nightmares, I am really excited to do this. Plus, both of my brothers will be here and my favorite sister in law and little Moochy Pootie (that would be Noah).

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