Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MoM's 50th BiRtHdAy SuRpRiSe

In January I pulled off one of the biggest secrets I have ever kept in my whole life! To quote my good friend Gael, if I really pulled it off then the CIA should come and try to get me to work for them.. lol.. Keeping a secret from Jayme Hankins is almost next to impossible, not only is she my best friend, whom I tell everything to, shes also the church secretary and you know those types :) they know EVERYTHING! I started planning for this GIANT surprise party in November last year, but things didn't really start rolling until after the new year then it was only a matter of weeks to get everything together! Of course I cant take all the credit! I had an army of people helping me. A party is an easy way of getting ministers to lie lol, I had to have the whole office of ministers in on what was really going on so they could get her to take a day off in a round about way, and it worked thank goodness!
Mom has so many friends from all over the place so I sent lots of invitations and I was so touched when people started sending emails saying they would be there no matter what, It was so wonderful to see all that love poured out on my mom. Robbin and Penny are 2 of my moms best friends they have been close pretty much their whole life's and one lives in Florida and the other in Colorado and they both flew here to attend! That alone was hard to keep a secret! But they got here without her finding out lol.
The week leading up to this party was one of the hardest weeks of my life lol, I was stressing out trying to keep everything going and not saying anything and lying about my whereabouts and well.. pretty much lying about everything! Telling the truth is soooooo much easier than lying haha... I had to keep a calender of what I was really doing and what I told my mom I was doing just so I could keep my stories straight :)
I made all the table arrangements and the invitations and the slide show, I think sometimes I go overkill on projects it's a hard habit to break. But like I said before this party would not have been pulled off without certain... secret helpers! So I want to take this time to thank them again! Valerie.. you know there was no way I could have pulled off the food situation without you or getting mom OUT.. of the office on the big day, I'm sorry I made you lie for me but I have a feeling that I'm forgiven. lol you went over and beyond with your kindness and I am so thankful for you!
Laura.. You are always so wonderful when I bring you a picture or have an idea for a cake, then you work your "magic fairy sugar dust" on it and it becomes a masterpiece! Not only do you make beautiful cakes you are always there when I need a helping hand. Thank you so much for helping me make mom's party great!
Joey and Bray.. you guys rock, as usual thanks for the lighting and the sound.. oh and Joey I prayed to be forgiven for asking a minister lie for me lol..
Alecia.. Thank you so much for taking the pictures, you have such a gift for capturing love and laughter on film! It was such a relief to me to not have to spend the whole night behind the lens lol.. You are such a wonderful friend to mom and I both!
And finally to my Mickey.. you are the best husband a girl could ask for :) thanks for assuring me the insomnia would go away and for telling me you didn't notice the thinning of my hair during the stress filled week leading up to the party lol! I love you soo much!
Invitations I sent to everyone.. while I was making them I laughed at the thought of what was going to happen to me when she saw what pictures I was using!

The most beautiful cake made by Laura Talbot.. Owner of Ms. Lauras Cakes in Okmulgee Ok. My motto is... A party just isn't a party unless you have a cake from Ms. Lauras..
Cut to take 2 when I had to block the door so she couldn't run, which as you see.. she was trying to do lol. Just give in mom, your not leaving! lol..
Then she saw that my brother and Sister in law came from Missouri to be there.. She cried lol..
Lot's of people came!

This is Robbin mom's best friend from Colorado, she hid in a room in the gym and I played a video of her for mom, she had no idea she was only a head turn away, till Robbin said SURPRISE!
The Watsons made it down too, Mom was so excited to see them.. especially Diane!

Brayden and Jarrett, enjoying some hot dogs and chili prepared by Valerie :)

Grant and Jacob, those two are hilarious!
Alli, Tabby and Taylor
Slide show that played while we ate.. I had to find a body guard after that showing.. It covered the last 50 years of her life, so there were pictures in there that were supposed to be forbidden haha..
Make a wish!

Mom and Lesa M.
Mom and MonMon Ms. Roseboom, mom and Robbin.. Penny couldn't make it to the party so Ms. Roseboom her mom said she stand in for the picture! Penny's flight didn't touch down in Tulsa till around 10 that night so she surprised mom at the house later that night!

The gang.. is back in town! lol
Alecia, Mom, Teresa, Fonnette, Jennifer , Dianne and Julie

Jessie, Hannah, Jordan, Me and Rachel
I can not belive these girls are so old now.. I started babysitting them when they were just little girls, now they are all grown up and I am sooo proud of all they have done so far!

Family Picture time!!
Stephanie, Peter, Mickey, Me, Mom, Michelle, Garrett
I know Michelle is going to kill me for this pic, but I think she is beautiful and so does everyone else.. lol she's the one carrying my very first Nephew Noah! Due in just a few days!!

Alecia, Mom and Valerie
Alecia Mitchell Photography.. She took all the wonderful photos, you should check her out! She takes beautiful pictures and is an awesome person to work with!! go visit her at

Valerie and Laura.. 2 of my very favorite people in the whole world!!

Mom and Greg

Emma Gayle, Jennifer and Julie.. She thinks Jen looks hot in her hat!

Emma Gayle is rockin the new style!!

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